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Round lab diamond engagement ring total 0.80 carat

Round lab diamond engagement ring total 0.80 carat

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Ring Size Guide

An engagement ring is a gold ring set with a central round lab diamond with round diamonds and drops on the sides

Our engagement ring is a feminine ring with noble and special beauty suitable as an engagement ring or for any exciting event in life

Designing the ring was a complete process of trying and choosing the ratio and size of the stones. The precision and attention to detail are what make a piece of jewelry unique in its beauty

The desire was to design an impressive and noble diamond ring and at the same time preserve our design line which is modest and refined. As you our customers love and connect

The iris is a spectacularly beautiful flower and the inspiration for the ring is the nobility that the iris radiates around it when you meet it in nature. Its leaves and structure are built with femininity full of power and beauty that one cannot help but admire its beauty

Gemstones in jewelry : lab diamonds

The total weight of the stones: central stone 0.55 carat, the side stones a total of a quarter carat

The size of the stones in mm : central 5.2 mm

The shape of the stone: Round and drops

Number of stones in the ring : 7 stones

Ring thickness in the back : 2 mm

Our Diamonds and Gems

Our diamonds:

Our diamonds are carefully selected, looking at the sparkle and the final look and going beyond the quality and color of the diamonds.

Diamonds we use: natural diamonds, laboratory diamonds, and black diamonds.

If not stated otherwise, the natural diamonds we use are GH color and VS clarity level or higher.

DE color laboratory diamonds with VVS clarity and above.

Our gems:

Our gemstones are natural, clean and untreated stones. Our uniqueness is in the selection of the gems in the jewelry. Choosing carefully and looking at the best and most beautiful sparkle and shade we can get for your jewelry.

The gemstones we use: sapphires in shades of green / blue / light blue / pink, rubies, and emeralds.

Custom Design

To coordinate with us and receive a quote for changing the size of the stones and the type of stones, you can write to us here

Shipping and Packing

The jewelry will reach you with free shipping to the address you choose (home/work). The jewelry will arrive packed in a beautiful jewelry box suitable for a marriage proposal in addition to our warranty certificate and the diamond certificate (if any).

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Customer Reviews

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Marcos Ben Abraham

Amazing quality and really great and kind service.

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