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Anemone bracelet with lab diamonds

Anemone bracelet with lab diamonds

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Our anemone bracelet with a gold pendant made of a central stone and two small stones on the sides. The structure of the pendant and the curves from which the jewelry is made, are what create its beauty and uniqueness. The characteristic line of our jewelry is a feminine and soft design that will fit and integrate with the hand that wears it

The inspiration for the ring is the spring time, when you walk in the open spaces in nature and there are anemones in a variety of colors, their movement in the wind and the calmness they bring with them are the inspiration for this ring and for our jewelry in general

The carnation has great beauty even when you look at it from below, the thin stem that carries the flower looks delicate and fragile but its structure is strong and stable in the wind

The delicate bracelet is full of feminine grace, with a pleasant spring fragrance, spaces and nature

Gemstones in jewelry : laboratory diamonds

Total weight of the stones: central stone 0.10 carat, both side stones together 0.1 carat

Stone size in mm : 3 mm, 2.1 mm

The shape of the stone: round

Number of stones in the ring : 3 stones

The thickness of the bracelet: 1 mm

Our Diamonds and Gems

Our diamonds:

Our diamonds are carefully selected, looking at the sparkle and the final look and going beyond the quality and color of the diamonds.

Diamonds we use: natural diamonds, laboratory diamonds, and black diamonds.

If not stated otherwise, the natural diamonds we use are GH color and VS clarity level or higher.

DE color laboratory diamonds with VVS clarity and above.

Our gems:

Our gemstones are natural, clean and untreated stones. Our uniqueness is in the selection of the gems in the jewelry. Choosing carefully and looking at the best and most beautiful sparkle and shade we can get for your jewelry.

The gemstones we use: sapphires in shades of green / blue / light blue / pink, rubies, and emeralds.

Custom Design

To coordinate with us and receive a quote for changing the size of the stones and the type of stones, you can write to us here

Shipping and Packing

The jewelry will reach you with free shipping to the address you choose (home/work). The jewelry will arrive packed in a beautiful jewelry box suitable for a marriage proposal in addition to our warranty certificate and the diamond certificate (if any).

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